Maybe this is my interpretation of a hobbit series…in that it seems of late, I’ve had a few ‘unexpected journey’s’ 🙂 Although unexpected, it is special in its own way because I’m traveling with the behest of my mother. She just jumped up and said, “I want/need us to go to South Africa.” How many times do we look back on life and wish we would of been better children to our parents. Well, like many….not the perfect child! But, as it is said…’when I was a child I thought, spoke and reasoned as a child; but, now that I am a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me’…yes, I am a preachers kid. Soooo, gotta throw a verse in every-now-and-then 🙂

So, off to South Africa!! Now, this isn’t one of my usual trips that will be associated with a population center. Obviously going to South Africa, there is Cape Town/Coast, Johannesburg, Soweto, Robben Island, and others…basically, anything of course to do with the Sage ‘Nelson Mandela’. However, this trip is different! We are going to specifically see ‘Family’. 🙂

Sounding like a ‘Game of Thrones’ episode, we land in Johannesburg and with little delay, drive through Pretoria (love that name) and head to what is called ‘the Northern Territory’.

In particular we are in a province called Limpopo, definitely in a territory where the closest, I’ll say town, is called Polokwane! Now this area is about a hop, skip, and a jump from the borders with Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana! And, the plan is to get in good family time, absorb some local culture, and reflect. So, I’ll post a few things, but mostly will just share a few experiences. This trip is more for me…and family – you get me!! 🙂

The Abode:

I love it!! Now, this is not specifically a place you come to be entertained. This is a place with solo and family time. An experience not characterized by a lot of personal delusions 🙂

There are exceptions; however, there is only so much of day-to-day culture that is going to be found in a motel/hotel room. So much to be said about opportunities to get on the other side of the world and immerse in daily life. In these places, time has a different dynamic.

As is critical in most situations, it is very important to be introduced to and become comfortable with the compound security team. With that said, meet the crew…

🙂 I believe there are about 12 of them standing post…considering the size of the place and the environment, make it happen!! Never-the-less, they were great companions and I do really love the feeling conveyed when through the look in their eyes you can tell that you have their full attention! 🙂

Like I said, this isn’t a dense population center. There isn’t a corner store or restaurant. There are things to do, but you have to know because you may not be able to see it….

Just so you can look around a bit…around the house…and the neighborhood. It has a feeling to it…some of it because of the consciousness of where you are…and other parts…that rise from allowing yourself to feel…

This gives you an idea of the characteristics of the location. For me, it doesn’t take long to develop a symbiosis with the environment. The rising sun, the weather was not hot/cold – perfect, the walks, the solitude, greetings from the security team…and the knowledge of where we are…and what that means. And, there is always something different that pops up from some place…

Walking the road, I see a few things that make me wonder! So I am familiar with the gun/dog combo to protect the home, but the snake? Thinking that also means something else! And, a cat crossing sign? Hmmmm….well, okay 🙂

It would of been quite easy to schedule a trip to the populated and most visited locations. Ahhh, to visit the sites of ‘Mandela’ and to look out over ‘The Cape’!! But, this is a different story. One of family, but also this region where Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique intersect with South Africa has a story as well (and, the Zulu Nation being not far away)!

While Africa is often romanticized in Black America, no issue there – often times we need a dream to get by, There are also some realities in Africa that get ignored. These realities remind me of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, ‘Sapiens’. Like it or not, there are some serious indicative parallels in that book about how people intersect that reflect realities throughout the world. Quite apparent here as well!! You will dig into it if you are interested!! 🙂

I’m no rookie to Africa, the big delusions departed from me long ago. So for now I will dig further into my own curiosities and explore….get into my purpose. As, I mentioned…it was not on my personal map to be in this part of the world. But, I heard a quote the other day that says,

“Life is a long journey with a map written by a fool…”…. if you have life experience, then you have played the fool before 🙂 so then that should resonate with you….update our maps continuously…. 🙂

Introspection in the ‘Northern Territory’!!!!