It is obvious from my previous posts that while I am here attempting to immerse myself into modes that allow me to absorb Argentine (BA), I am also studying Tango…as far as I am concerned – the dance of dances.  Not just by traveling and being a tourist, but by studying the history, keeping up to date on politics, attempting to understand the context of federal and local government, attempting to become versed in local language and customs…and obviously the language – which is not the easiest thing to do at this age.  But, it isn’t always easy to reprogram your mind…and if you are going to do it…then language is a sure way of doing just that!!  Staying away from the simplicity of the big hotels and areas that seem to be nothing more than a projection of American or Western Culture – Yes, they have McDonald’s…but, not for the kid…

My return was wonderful for many reasons, but again…it’s not just about the place…it’s about the people.  So, I was so glad to see my new friends again…Alejandro Gee and Erzsebet Tamas…my Buenos Aires Hosts with the Mosts!!!!  🙂  Now, I so enjoyed a hug and kiss with Osvaldo (it’s an Argentine thing, you may not understand), but to see these two again brought a feeling of peace that comes when you recognize that you have found a good place to help you continue your journey in life:


Just like Santiago in the book by Paulo Coehlo, “The Alchemist”, sometimes you don’t know where you will find your treasure.  I had made a decision that I was going to go the Buenos Aires, so I simply started doing research on the internet…came across several opportunities on Trip Advisor…and started emailing various people.  Several conversations were started before I first came to BA, and based on those conversations I went with Alejandro and Erzsebet.  To be sure, I took lesson from a few people when I first got there…but Alejandra and Erzsebet they had the stuff I was looking for…now this wasn’t a suit, a hat, some shoes, fancy moves and a rose in the mouth…This was and is more like Tango boot camp… 🙂  Not for the show..but for the SELF…to borrow a line from Christine Denniston, “The Meaning of TANGO: the story of the Argentinian Dance”,…and I am paraphrasing,

one old milonguero walked up to another asked him, “how is your tango coming”…the other milonguero said to him, “after 40 years, I think I am finally getting my walk together.”  Oh, how I love that sequence of conversation….as in many ways, that is the dance…it isn’t something that comes together after a few lessons…it’s more of a life time.  They teach out of Alejandro’s Tango House:


An absolutely amazing place, excellent accommodations and location…full of culture, great proximity, and place of which you can personally attach.  And, Alejandro laughs when I say it is right across the street from my favorite Parilla!! 🙂  These two have been absolutely amazing…telling me where to go, how to get my business done, making my stay comfortable, talking with me about Argentine (BA) culture..and many other wonderful things..not to mention introducing me to El Beso, Salon Canning, Gricel, La Confiteria Ideal…and many wonderful people at the milonga’s and other places around the city….not to mention kicking my culo good every day to make sure I remembered my lessons 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  whew…between that and all the walking to feel the barrio…I was a sore old man 🙂

But, let me be clear.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on Buenos Aires or Tango.  As my friend April Parker and Angel Montero (Atlanta Tango)  so appropriately calls it…I know I am a Tango baby…and proud of it!!  To be clear…

This is not a Tango blog…I am simply writing about my own journey in life…there are plenty of blogs in the internet universe that cover the Tango Journey and experiences….some of them are excellent…and some are written by individuals who are complete ‘BOLUDOs’….check out my Lunfardo 🙂  This isn’t a commentary on styles…old or new…or those from different parts of the world or even the Rio de la Plata Region (Argentina and Uruguay)…often times the evolution of the different expressions are clearly evident.  Either way, I am simply referring to my own journey…seeking my own voice and expression culminating from making peace with my own emotions and spiritual journey.  Thus, while I am walking along on my own journey, I’ll only talk about bits and piece’s for now…sometimes if you want to know what something smells, tastes or feels like…you have to do it yourself 🙂  So, on this walk in my current experience and through time…I’ll talk about a few things…but, the best part of it… in me…is yet to come…in the mean time…I’m so grateful to my friends in Argentina…those I have now…those I am getting to know…and those yet to come – so glad we found each other!!  By the way, I absolutely love the Malbec!!!!  🙂 🙂




When I first started this blog, and over the life of it, its primary purpose was to allow my children and loved ones to be able to follow along with me to these unique places.  Then part of it was to also document some of the interesting projects I was working on….then, as the places became unique so then the purpose of my blog began to evolve.  Not long ago I was talking with a group of colleagues, and the discussion of our hobbies came up.  Of course, one of my most loved hobbies/passions centers around international travel – unique places, things and people.  When they asked to name the places, oddly enough…those in the room had to fill in some of the places I didn’t name.  Not because I had forgotten the places, but over time it has become less about the places and more about the people – people – friendships in all walks of life.  When asked which of the places were my favorite, I didn’t have an answer for them.  All of these places are wonderful in their own way, and they all have problems in their own way.  What makes them so special is less about the architecture, the way of life, the scenery, or even the silliness and immaturity of naming a place simply for the effect of portending to be better than someone else who has not had that specific experience.

Because now it is less about the place, although they are all wonderful – even a post-civil war/conflict country such as Liberia, it is more about the people.  In some instances, places may help shape us, but for me it is the people and their life stories that make such a huge contribution to the expansion of the sense of humanity.  As far as I’m concerned, if my breast is not expanded after being someplace, then that means I have not spent enough time getting to know the human story attached to that area.  Thus, while this blog has its beginning in one context…it now has evolved into more of a tracking of my own spiritual journey.  Maybe one day I’ll put all of it together and fill in the blanks regarding emotional and spiritual evolution or what I was dealing with at that particular time.  Maybe one day, I’ll turn this into something similar to our grand matriarchs writing, “All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes” (Maya Angelou).  But, in the meantime, I shall continue on my journey…. whether I am limping along the way or not 🙂

One of the things I like the most about international travel, is when you get to spend either enough time in a place to get to know people or you can go frequently enough over a longer period of time so it becomes less about just the geography and place and more about the people.  And, so in returning to Buenos Aires, it was so wonderful to get picked up at the airport and return to a familiar setting, face and personality in the form of My Man, Osvaldo….


Now, please excuse the fact that I look like I have landed a starring roll on Criminal Minds as the new Psycho Path that Hotch, Morgan and the Team will be tracking down…nothing I can do about that right now 🙂  But, it does say something about moments….

Osvaldo is one legacies of a different era of Tango – Milonguero.  My Spanish sucks – although I am working on it – and, he doesn’t speak much English…probably none – Osvaldo speaks the Argentine version of Spanish – meaning Lunfardo.  Which I am even worse at, but better now.  So for the 40 minute ride from the airport other than body language, smiles, and a generally good mutual disposition – you have to love the human language….he said “muy calor”…and I said, “si, muy calor”… and we both laughed at that…meaning it is “hot as hell.”  But, that was sufficient.  It was a good ride, a good feeling, good to be back amongst the familiar.  It isn’t always about the spoken language…just an appreciation for humanity and the human story.  And, to add the effort to learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life, a new dance…and to build appreciation for more that is going on in the world…brings a smile to my face.  Especially now, that I am making progress on my ability to communicate with others around the world…

Thus, it takes a little longer to write about the experience…as there is so much going on….”Hola Malik, Bienvenido”….