Cuban Cigars

June 30, 2020

Now to be forthright, I am not really a cigar person.  However, I do know many that enjoy, I guess we can call it – the art.  So, this post is for you!!  🙂  Roaming through Western Cuba…out in the country side…


The opportunity came to visit an actual Tobacco farm.  Beyond the product, it was quite interesting as this is a multi-generational farm – ownership/management goes back multiple generations.  In fact, this is what this family does – raise tobacco…primarily for cigar production…

Considering the prominent reputation of the Cuban Cigar as being the worlds best….again, i’m not a cigar lover so all I can do is listen to others….it is quite interesting to feel the humility within this environment.  All the same, it is quite nice to be here…to learn about the production of what so many people think is a wonderful thing 🙂


For the next few hours, they provided a tour of the farm….explained the concept of choosing seeds….illustrated the challenges of growing tobacco….and, pulled apart the leaves to show which part is shipped off for the cigarette companies, and what is utilized to make the ‘cigar’….

For you ‘Cuban Cigar’ lovers, here are a few more shots of the cultivation areas you can dream about….


And to one of the most important part of the process, the drying house…


And, somewhat the Tobacco Farm version of the ‘Gaucho’…


Throughout the process, this is the gentleman that provided much of the explanation…of course it being fascinating to have the image of ‘Che’ in the background 🙂


And, again…while I am not an aficionado, I am always fascinated watching someone who has mastered their art….as he demonstrated the ‘hand roll technique’ ….


This, of course is the summarized version!  I figure if you want all the specifics on tobacco production…you will look it up 🙂  This is just the summary of the experience to be shared….and course since this is Cuba….and they have provided the hospitality of their farm….it is only appropriate to….


‘the oath’…..