Well…..here I go again…as my journey continues!!!!  Obviously, from my perspective, it is wonderful to travel.  In fact, there aren’t that many comparable things.  To travel to a place, and eventually to places within places…ultimately you have to come to the people.  For, that is how we get to the culture.  Now, obviously some just observe cultures and some participate…and, then there are those of us who want to extract something out of it to keep as a token of that which we can continuously participation in ourselves.

To build our lives…to move beyond just social expectations and construction or being trapped within our own unawareness not even knowing what we don’t know.  But, to extend beyond that…and utilize what our awareness can capture to be used to paint our own beautiful mosaic on the canvass of our soul.  This isn’t just a journey around the globe…ahhhh….it is so much more than that…more of a journey into the unseen…and as that internal mosaic is developed, then someone else may catch a glimpse of it … if you or I know what to look for… 🙂

Of late, my journey has been set towards Argentina…and so, I return.  And, while I have been talking of Tango…this isn’t a Tango blog…but, reflects how Tango is a part of the overall journey.  And, since I am talking about a journey it could just as easily be stated the other way around.  Clearly, dancing is a part of it…but, more importantly I am referring to the Tango associated with the Milonga of Life: the Life Milonga – ehhhh….for those that know 🙂

It is wonderful to make it back to Buenos Aires, and to be comfortable with expectations, friendships and new experiences…and growing even more comfortable.  In many ways, my friends here in BA, particularly Alejandro Gee and Erzsebet Tamas, are ‘mis puertas’ to other ‘puertas’.  The same as ‘mis puertas’ in Atlanta and other places – they know who they are!!  In fact, they exemplify the benefit of getting to know people and building relationships when traveling.  As, I said…this isn’t about simply dancing steps…it is much more about the steps of life of the heart…of growth…of thoughtful and soulful evolution…in affect…it all means something…to me anyway…

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit one of the esteemed Coffee Houses of Buenos Aires – “La Biela”  …. known for delicious coffee and medialunas and such….

At “La Biela”…..I met with a new Special Friend “another puerta” – Senora Beatriz Dujovne.  Beatriz is the author of one of the most amazing books I have ever read, “In Strangers’ Arms.”

One thing I love about this place and other cultures…there is only so much political correctness…if you are fat well, you are fat…if you are skinny, well you are skinny…so when I walked up to her…in true Portena fashion…she didn’t recognize me at first…and then when I approached she said, “tu cabeza – your head”…and, then she laughed…and in my own head…I said, “yes, I have a big black bald shiny head”….*laughing*…definitely, so good…well…I do…just is what it is….*chuckle*….

Without going deep into the book – which is easy to do – she provides a firsthand description…of not the surface or the perfunctory…but, of the heart of the culture of Tango which is also an essential history of Buenos Aires.  But, here is one atomic tidbit –

“A fully lived Tango is all about the exaltation of a human connection at the primitive level of our senses, movements, and reflexes.  It sublimates our basest instincts, which actually interfere with dancing, and draws out our memories, histories, sentiments….”

Beatriz Dujovne

Yes, for some it is just a dance…but, for others…it is so much more.  For me…it is another expression of the same things I have found in many other places around the world – ‘A Door.”  And, these doors I am walking through.  The vicissitudes of life can eventually show us those things that are critically important and those things which are not.  Sometimes it is the timing that allows us to recognize the door and then walk through the door.  Personally, I am ready to walk!! (no pun intended)….  And, so….This conversation with Beatriz was for me and my journey…so, I will not share it here.  We each need our own conversations, our own reflections that are directly associated with our own internal journey.

But, I often think about the places, I have been…but, really more importantly…the people I have met….these people that are doors to other doors….doors that can be opened to find not just another part of the journey, but actually help us find answers to some of the questions we ask along the journey…

If you aren’t a traveler, then you will most likely not understand…and that is okay – no judgement…but, for those of us who are travelers…things are always more than what they seem…

It was so kind of Senora Beatriz to allow me to spend some time with her this morning.  And, as we sat and talked – it occurred to me that we don’t always know where our journey leads…or sometimes even where to go…life, pain, frustrations, mistakes, obligations, competing interests, can make the path seem unclear…yet, even when it is unclear…it is still our path.

When our time, at that moment, came to a close…like an oracle, she showed me where I would find the path for tomorrow with steps for another day…

In these places, starting near the ‘Recoleta’…she said…”there is so much life, so much Tango…”…..but, we have to open ourselves to feel it….more on this tomorrow…