Return to Cuba

July 1, 2020

This Cuban experience has been so rich….there are so many things I could say.  But, the main thing I will say is that at the first opportunity – I am going back 🙂  For many existential (theoretical – yes) reasons, there is something about this place that speaks to me….and continues to speak….


Regardless to all the sources through history that have tried to restrict the development of this place; in Cuba, even the restrictiveness of development causes the depth to become more beautiful.  It seems everywhere you turn, you see this contrast between the new….and the older crumbling buildings that have this certain kind of character…


In some ways, there are some people like this as well!! Not to be understood just from some political theory or from their appearance….there is a depth there…that makes the stillness speak….


Being a student of history, how could we not find Cuba in our readings…in our imaginations…in our debates…and arguments….


and remembering where some of these huge gatherings took place with those long speeches – agreement with the politics is not necessary to appreciate the grandness of the moment…

and with all that I’ve posted about, and all that I left out…what stands out the most is of course – the people…


how every conversation lasts an extra 15 minutes because each person has to talk about their family…even in the middle of the night….you see families…together….


I hope that you enjoy what follows. These experiences I write about are just a small few of the total.  None of which would be possible without the guidance of my friend ‘Abe’…who served as guide and teacher … and ultimately….friend!!


Over the years, I have had some amazing trips….for multiple reasons…this one ranks right up there with the best…In fact, the first chance I get…I shall return…to ‘the malecon’….