Some call it the land of Fidel…some of the Castro’s….let’s not forget the giant of a man Che Guevera….a music lover might immediately think of Ibrahim Ferrer and the ‘Buena Vista Social Club’. or a dancer – the Cuban Interpretation of ‘Salsa’….but, that would seem to not acknowledge the immense history, even expressed in its contemporary, of another jewel sitting right off the coast of the United States….

Most of my posts tend to deal with destinations a bit distant; however, digging around much closer to home and in the same vein as an appropriate follow up to my last post on Haiti – Welcome to the Malecon!!  🙂


If you decide to go to Cuba, I critically recommend you connect with a ‘Cubano’.  If all you want is the tourist experience, then…well….you won’t really see Cuba.  Connect with the right person, and get down into the richness of this environment.  Arriving on the Malecon and walking up the steps to the Bungalow,

Walking into the room, and feeling the surroundings….if you did not know the definition of the word ‘vintage’, that’s okay – because you can feel it now.  As you can see, the doors open right up to the Ocean….that fresh completely stimulating breeze comes through the doors from the ocean…and with the feeling of vintage….I know – this is my place.  Looking outside from the porch, directly on the Malecon….the combined contribution to the atmosphere of the historical fort, old, and new Havana feels appropriate…


Heading out onto the street, you can immediately feel that this strip is also a major social hub…and not just for visitors and tourists…but, for cubanos as well!!

Continuing to stroll and connecting with the feeling,

So much could be said, but sometimes – we talk too much…when we should be feeling,


I find a great degree of fulfillment and satisfaction to study a place thoroughly, and then go sit and absorb….looking for an understanding I can use in my own life…and always, a baby of life pops up 🙂


After half a day of strolling, absorbing, reflecting, learning, and simultaneously being in my head and getting out of it….it’s getting later in the day…

Retiring to the view from my bungalow….


I reflect on being grateful that my understanding is not singularly shaped by those things that have no depth.  Admittedly, focusing on so much depth all the time poses mental health challenges, not to mention the social ones.  Never-the-less, I am excited….I am about to embark on another journey…some of which will be mentioned here…but, like most things…the internal residue will resonate more powerfully as time goes along….

I am grateful!!  I am in Cuba…on the Malecon…. ❤



If you’ve flipped through this blog, you know that I have been around to at least a few places.  These last few years, I focused more on Argentina….and then have now begun to roam about a bit more.  It is always wonderful to experience a place, not just in tourist mode…but, to be in a position to engage in cultural absorption.

For many reasons, which comes as no surprise….being in Haiti reminds me of a few places in Africa.


I was told by a Panamanian friend once, that they were the only ones in the word with this type of transportation….well, seems as though the Haitians have their own flavor as well….

Like many places…it has its clean…and it has its..well, not so clean….

But, there is this thing that people do…where they are clean on the outside, and focus on presentation…yet have hidden their trash on the inside….

Yet sometimes, we have to accept appearances as we know we all have our own trash on the inside as well….personally, I enjoyed walking by the trash heaps in down-town Port-Au-Prince just as much as I did being amazed in the depth and beauty of Jacmel….


The central park area where many a person gathers….


Maybe with that…we can find more acceptance with each other….maybe not…we all have our own path and eventually we will look back on our own lives and have to be accountable to ourselves for it….let’s hope that we are the only ones who will hold us accountable….

Port-Au-Prince is a place where you can see the children at night sitting on the side-walk doing their homework under the street lights….all understanding that this life isn’t going to come easy….that should be a sign to some of our own judgements soaked in privilege …..

As I mentioned, this post was less about me….and more of a recognition….that I had help in learning to see the world….and maybe through these experiences I share….we can see each other a bit more humanely….

Grateful for the,

Pierre-Pierre Family

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti



Having traveled the way I have traveled, I realize that I am very fortunate.  Yet, like many people…sometimes I get stuck in my own head and forget the blessings….So in showing you a few of these visits…maybe I can remind myself….of how life does have its lar-gesse of soul touching experiences….

Haiti has its history and reputation obviously; but, like most things it is much bigger than that….this is Jacmel, Haiti…

For some really, familiar reason, Haiti is not generally considered the Caribbean!!!  Now, here is some evidence to the contrary 🙂  This was/is as blue and beautiful as it gets….fresh air coming off of the hills, mixing in with the ocean breeze…with very little population….

There are a few locations that are smaller resorts – but, not jam packed with people….provide a wonderful back drop for the contemplative….

And, even the natives are friendly 🙂  One thing I will add in…..Haiti has some excellent cuisine.  It is amazing how some of the poorest countries have some of the best food….not, only that….the company was absolutely excellent as well…. 🙂


Haiti is what it is….no doubt, but, considering the history….and all the civilizations and countries that attempted to make it a sole source of labor and commodities in the global chain of production….these were some BAD ASS Mo’fo’s…sitting here…’with all due respect’….recommended reading….

To the Mountains….

Heading on to the next destination….there was a welcome party….and as I mentioned it is always wonderful to see the kids….or the adults in touch with their inner child….


The little homies pointing at us, bet you they are bad as ever…. 🙂 and of course right around the corner….here we go…up the mountain….

That truck is loaded down…but, what was so intriguing for me is what was tied to the back….one of my favorite dishes….. reminded me soooooo of being in Liberia/West Africa.  When I saw it, I said to myself ‘Oh, the meat is sweat oh’!!  In my Liberian Accent 🙂 🙂

But, moving along through the mountains….just sharing pictures here…so you can see and get a good feel….feel it…..




Sometimes, it is better to not share the words so that we each can acquire and feel our own interpretation….I hope that you found something for yourself……


When I first began to travel as an adult, I would take ridiculous amounts of pictures.  Often times, these pictures reflected the disparate life conditions that people face.  As a general practice, I don’t do that anymore.  It, too often, reflects the viewpoint of an outsider looking in, providing commentary, and judgement of life dynamics we/they know absolutely nothing about….so often, we don’t even know we don’t know!!

Never-the-less, because the general absence of knowledge regarding Haiti…and the intense disparate treatment many of us of privilege create…either directly or indirectly….I am going to show you some of the ‘Bidonville’s’….

While this is someone’s home I can across downtown, it is only a start:


The ‘bidonville’ for Haiti means – ‘thrown together’!!  A person/family basically finds whatever materials they can find…and throws them together to create a home.  Sometimes they are separate standing, but often times they are all built together – on top of each other – no basic utilities:


The pictures do not provide the complete justice needed to understand these circumstances, but if that is what you seek…then, you will know!!


But, let us not get this twisted….Haiti has immensity of ‘Bidonville’….but, like most places the socio-economic absence of equity can be intense.  Up in those hills, above the ‘Bidonville’, is what we call ‘Petionville’.  Generally, called a suburb of Port-Au-Prince, but also considered separate….

and a few more….

Again, it would be easy to turn this post into an expose on structural violence, and the disparate life dynamics faced by many.  But, I want to keep it more focused on the attempt to see something beautiful….

A walk around the shopping areas will give you clear indications of the SEPARATION.  However, it also provides intriguing access to a portion of Haitian culture, for this is where I actually purchased this amazing painting…


Rolled up and packed in a warehouse…took hours to find something like this….for me, it is the Haitian version of the famous statue by Auguste Rodin: ‘The Thinker’…. and, I am constantly striving to demonstrate improved thinking and reflecting….although, I will admit….sometimes I am successful with that…and well….sometimes not….


Remembering Haiti

May 12, 2020

This experience happened a few years ago, but it is one I have been meaning to post for quite some time.  The thought was transformed to action by the recent passing of the dear family friend who created this opportunity.  The person was Canadian/Haitian, but also a student of Haiti – specifically, the U.S. Refugee Act and the Haitian Interdiction Agreement.  We could talk about the classes or immigrants with privilege.  We could talk about the political dynamics, the housing issues, or the intense poverty for a country right off the coast.

Most have no direct experience with Haiti.  Many travelers will bypass Haiti to frequent the resorts or hot-spots in the Dominican Republic.  Much can be said about the history of Haiti, the relationship with the DR, and US policy towards the Haitians; however, those who are interested in such can easily find those discussions.  This post is more about a tribute to my friend, and to show you a little bit of Haiti.  Although rife with poverty, the Island is full of riches as well…

Landing in Port-au-Prince making the first stop at the castle….

The feeling you get is the majestic nature of the palace, with the mountains as the background, and if you do not know the history of Toussaint L’Ouverture, then that is recommended reading.  The ‘General’, in a historical and contemporary sense, seems to have left the remains for blessings and cursings…..yet, riding around Haiti….there is a sense of curiosity that shows the chains of hope…


Whenever, I travel somewhere….I always look for the children.  I wonder what their story is…. In fact, some adults have a well developed inner child.  Thus, I wonder about that story as well.  Many of these youngsters are constantly seen being children.  Although the outsider would see the suffering, many of them are so happy they do not even know they are suffering.  But, I wonder; however, can you see the suffering inside of other people??

Just, going through downtown Port-Au-Prince, it is really quite fascinating….practically any view might pop up….and it made me wonder constantly….what stream of life is this?

In the city, of course there is the dust….but, also the views of the mountains (although some have been made bare because of the over-production of charcoal, the rivers…their inhabitants…..and of course the sights ….

The business owners and occasional amazing view… but, personally…I love my guy here:


🙂 🙂  well, we all have our things we are fascinated by 🙂  But, moving right along….The next post, goes into what we call the …. ‘bidonville’…..












More on Buenos Aires….

January 11, 2020

For my friends who are interested in other dynamics taking place in Buenos Aires…I’m sharing these links…enjoy Amigos!!  Both, are good friends of mine!!! 🙂

Un Grande Abrazos!!

I once read from a book of the wise that said a seemingly simple thing… “we all have an ends to which we attain”.  My own ends requires a change….a change in part that is facilitated through what I acquire from travel.  Obviously, my own travels, in many ways, are a reflection of my internal journey.  A seeking of sorts…seeking to better understand myself and the world around me…and to acquire the insight to develop the cultural tools to improve how myself and the world around me intersects.  Hence, I’ve been traveling, but not posting as I continually evolve my understanding of the ends I seek.

Over the past few years, the focus of my travel has been Argentina….to the point that I get a really good feeling even before I get there.  Just this sight alone, puts me there –


I’ve had quite the experiences and a bit to say about Buenos Aires and Tango.  But, as I mentioned…this is not a Tango blog.  There are plenty of good ones, but this is not for that purpose.  I was simply fortunate enough to find something that represented an ultimate cultural experience that could be used as a tool to help cultivate various dimensions of my life.  So what I shared, was simply a small part of my personal journey.

And while my times, and there will be plenty more, have been so wonderful…it seems that I’ve gotten to a place in life where the simple things that are soooooo delicious, bring me joy 🙂

I have been fortunate to have friends to walk and guide me through a history that speaks through the ages….the debut of Troilo and Disarli at the Maracaibo –

and, more importantly, to know the feeling of developing friendships in all walk of life –


While it is known, I have personally come to realize that while a master can show us and teach us things…we are the implement.  In essence, we don’t really teach children to ride a bike.  We help them experience a sensation.   If they latch on to that sensation, then they may desire to duplicate it.  We facilitate the process of recreating that sensation by helping them learn to balance, we may use training wheels, go through how to start, to stop…. starting, rolling……’a salida even’, and, when it can be repeated on our own, we have learned to ride the bike.  As it is said,

“I can’t teach you how to feel”  – Carlos Gavito

…and such is life…

Similar to when we get those internal emotional blockages – emotionally, intellectually, …. You get me!!  And we cease to flow internally…we can’t let go of something…our nature…or what we do not usually constrain.  Sometimes we need those who have that special touch to help us…feel the music of life…to help us walk life’s song – no words – just music.  That opens back up our soul…and no matter how we feel…it is okay…it is necessary….or as Maya Angelou says, our soul is our deep longing!!

Like the bike, sometimes we need help to get our insides moving again….even as the complexity of life represented by a Pugliese plays in the background, one helps us move…

As the other comes right behind us unawares with an embrace around our rib-cage and helps lift us up to restart us by telling us when to “breath”…showing us verbally and physically when to stop, soften, feel, and the confluence makes the soul accept its longing again…through the drop of a tear….


Alejandro Gee & Erzsebet Tamas

Like the child riding a bike, and falls.  But, then gets back up again!!  We latch onto that sensation…and as we continue to latch and duplicate, life comes back….

The fall can be painful, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing.  Yet, the come back, getting up off the mat, can be so sweet, that it makes the fall worth it.

And, then we grow!!  I must say, Buenos Aires has been good to me, and I believe I have been good to her….she will always be in my pause…and now, my walk continues….sure I will get a few more bumps and bruises, or even worse; however, I am ready ❤

A Day in Buenos Aires

March 18, 2018

A typical morning in Buenos Aires, for me anyway, will usually begin with a stop at the fruit stand…but, as the morning moves along, the stop for a cafecito is the plan.  As I think of it, when I am in the United States, it is customary to grab a coffee on the run.  When I am overseas, who ever heard of such a thing? What????  Coffee is the destination – it is an event in and of itself!  Whether with a friend or solo, “IT” is a moment to be cherished, and something I have come to embrace….

Thus, many a morning for me in BA, begins with my coffee.  This shop, Piazza** is located right across the park/monument area from the National Congress building.  When not heading in the direction of ‘La Biela’, Piazza is usually a stop for me – especially on a day of roaming.  It provides a great view of the area, an excellent place for people watching, and always the mental and spiritual room to reflect.


This morning, I came across a quote by Carlos Gavito: “nobody can teach you the feeling…”…and it resonated with me…  It brought to mind so many of the things that we learn and do and mimic but never really get to fully embrace the natural feeling of because we get stuck in the surface of the perfunctory….

Whether it is through our striving for spirituality, religiosity, seeking the understanding of life’s questions…or simply trying to understand a language, art, music, a dance…or even travel…we attempt…but, can we feel it…and while we study and attempt to learn…nobody can teach us what to feel…for even with the same impetus, each of us may feel the same or something completely different…thus, a different expression in response comes out…

And, as I pondered and daydreamed on this mental journey, I saw this couple sitting in front of me.  First the newspaper, so many things are digital these days, it always catches my eye to actually see someone reading a physical newspaper.  But, the hand-holding, the gentleness, the tender expressions, their spiritual embrace that could actually be seen…what path did they travel to get to this point…was it just rainbow’s and bunnies? (doubt it)…was their joy, pain, forgiveness, mutual interest….were periods of lesser happiness given up to experience a greater happiness…yes, quite the pondering this morning….

This awareness has be looking back on my own life and reflecting on all the things and the events that transpired in a particular way that now has me sitting in an outdoor café, in Buenos Aires across from the national congress building on an absolutely lovely day soaking in the culture of international fare….pushing the internal doors that open to realize the superficiality of some of my own previous understandings….never-the-less, as the day moves on…I settle up…go inside, down the stairs to the bathroom to get ready to begin my walk… and lo and behold:


sooooooooooooo……..all of that deep reflective thoughtfulness, soul searching, and deliberative attempts at increased awareness…well…PAUSE!!!!

I admit, that when I was younger, I had very little appreciation for art…Now…well…I absolutely love it…for many many reasons.  Somewhere in this world…there is a reason for this particular piece of art…there was a motivation, and intent, a purpose…if you look at the not so subtle and the very subtle details…there is so much coming out of this piece…and personally, I appreciate all of it…however, even my own eclectic nature has its limitations…I will have to appreciate this piece as a part of my memory…not as my current focus…hahaha…I will leave that to you…enjoy…whew….yes, you can thank me later…ok, back to me…

While I am not a Porteno, and don’t pretend to be one…I also do not feel like the regular tourist…more like a very comfortable foreigner.  When I come, people who work in various places or who stay nearby…give me greetings when they see me…they remember me…and admittedly that feels nice…especially in a place such as this….Buenos Aires is full of the ornate…however, it is the simplicity that is the most amazing to me…especially its relationship to the ornate…

It is amazing to me, how some of the coffee shops are just simple little places, and others carry the history of a museum.  Except, in fact, that the coffee shop is the substance of the museum.  Take for instance, Cafe de Angelitos on Rivadavia:


This absolutely beautiful place – people – This is a coffee shop!!  Of course it has more than that, but yes…coffee…and walking by looking in the window…seeing the engagements, the sophistication, the culture…yes, coffee is an event!!  🙂

As the morning moves along, Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to be when you have absolutely no plans whatsoever…just roam…the architecture:


If you time it right and are fortunate, you might just happen upon ‘una feria’ a street fair with some amazing items at amazing prices:


And, I have to mention one of my favorite areas…a very long avenue, very wide, full of history, energy, life…any ideas? 🙂


There are many places in this area where I spend significantly good time…while it may not be a mountain top, a brook, a beach, a temple, or one of the many sites that traditionally are talked about as being one of the great views or experiences of the world…in fact, move beyond the perfunctory…and it can be similar to those things…

To see people…what can be seen….and…


there is a meaning, like art though, we have our interpretations…that belong to ourselves…our feelings….now….this couple:


I watched them for a bit…what is it…what are they doing…how did they get there…what did it take to get there….in actuality, they were quite captivating…talk about a spiritual embrace that made them stand apart…to the degree that as busy as this avenue can be….what seemed so simple about them, actually carries the answers to many an unanswered question…

Plenty of Art to be seen in the dynamic and captured moments of people, but if you are also interested in the more traditional type…then keep walking…you may come upon the National Museum of Beautiful Arts:

Traditionally captivating…many excellent pieces…the type of place where you can easily spend the entire day…look for the section that specifically focuses in on the history of the development of Buenos Aires and Argentina…it is more than worth the time…

To add, after a long day of strolling, observing, pondering….even better if you have a small earphone with some of the classics playing….you may come across another of the simply sophisticated wonders of Buenos Aires – Cafe Los Violetas:


Yes, a cafe…are you starting to get the point about the cafe’s – SMILE!!!!

Like many other places, it isn’t possible to get the feeling of Buenos Aires from one trip…it is possible to become aware of the feeling…but, to understand it requires a guide.  Not, the tourist guide, but the guide.  Whether you are into Tango or not, there is this confluence that takes place that the term fusion doesn’t necessarily highlight the nuances that exist.  But, attach with the Portenos, and you will understand…you may end up at a place such as ‘La Hormiga’ or  ‘La Catedral: Social and Cultural Club’:

You might also find yourself, watching blues dancing, or listening to a contemporary band that has an orchestra nuevo type of feel:

Either way, you will give the standing ovation…and let me tell you something…this young lady…whatever stereotype her appearance may manifest, she is indeed a young Billy Holiday in Buenos Aires (I have the video to prove it) 🙂

As the evening closes out…you may still have the energy to keep going…maybe you will end up at Salon Canning, Gricel, Obelisco, or the Temple (El Beso)…but, maybe, just maybe….you may find a gem in San Telmo or La Boca…or….you may even find a surprise, along with a live Tango band, in ‘La Viruta’:


I don’t pretend to know everything about Buenos Aires, in fact, I am simply sharing my experiences in that they may help someone else who is on a type of journey.  I started out further exploring my international interests, and that merged with an interest regarding Tango.  This interest in Tango inspired me to knock on the door of the cultural impetus of Tango…and more and more doors continue to open…to the degree that as these doors get explored…more and more friendships in all walks of life from all over the world continue to develop….and I’m referring to actual friendships…not ‘status-ships’….if you can tell, these explorations into the external create opportunities to better understand the internal…and vice-versa….something way beyond the perfunctory and reflective of the feel…I look forward to returning soon…in the mean time…

While these trips to Buenos Aires somewhat started as an exploration of Tango, the dance, all of these other experiences accumulated in my mind because as my friend Beatriz Dujovne (In Strangers’ Arms) writes,

“A fully lived Tango is all about the exaltation of a human connection at the primitive level of our senses, movements, and reflexes.  It sublimates our basest instincts, which actually interfere with dancing, and draws out our memories, histories, sentiments…”

Fully lived? Sublimates?….mannnnn…..puhlease…..we aren’t just talking about a dance…however, as I explore what fully lived actually means, as I better manage my ‘ensimismamiento’…and I move into its realization…maybe I will eventually learn how to dance Tango….


Amigos, Hasta Pronto!!!!


Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose…

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (from the Artist’s Way-Julia Cameron)

I am quite sure there are many that would wonder, “why go to a cemetery.”  I wondered the same thing before I moved to Savannah, Georgia.  In Savannah, there is a cemetery – if you want to call it that – called Bonaventure.  Many tourists go to see the ornate architecture of the markings and experience its history…its feeling and/or communication….  But, it also sits on a river, so over time I would go there to relax, study, or to explore my pensive nature.  The ‘Recoleta’ is a similar place – although, quite exponentially more….


Walking into the ‘Recoleta’, I am reminded of ‘Beatriz’ – “there is Tango in There.”  Immediately, I am reminded of the experience of places I have been.

The cultural similitudes with the carvings in west Africa, the temples in South East Asia, the Canal de Panama, the works of the universe to shape volcanoes of which their majesty can be witnessed when the sun rises over the mountains in the morning to illuminate them as their steam rises in honor of the heavens; the scenes of the Pacific Coast Highway (1) in California; being at home feeling the presence of the twisting live oak trees, or surprisingly witnessing the occasional sighting of an otter at play in the saltwater rivers in the Isle of Hope; the sense of amazement of being on Broadway (New York) and feeling the commitment of the artists singing/dancing/demonstrating god-like levels of talent – without the manipulation of technology – I previously had not imagined; or even the magnitude of peace and appreciation that comes with experiencing a kind and gracious human being.


As I enter, my mind’s eye sees some history of a people – sitting, talking, questioning life, laughing, singing, loving, crying, hurting, dancing their own expression, living through the many vicissitudes of life we all can experience – but also the nature of life viscerally shared with each other.…not just them, but people overall…how dedicated people can be to what they love!!

Reminds me of commitment, artisan-ship, and the price that sometimes must be paid in exchange….when a certain kind of love bonds with a certain kind of place in a person; and, raises the question of curiosity about the nature of people and even more importantly….the nature of the characteristics of the process of creation.

A side thought occurs – beyond the judgement, self-aggrandizement, absence of the depth of insight, lack of compassion/empathy, callousness and ignorance witnessed daily – maybe those instances are simply an inability to connect/feel the process of human evolution simply posing as ugliness….never-the-less….

Feeling a certain permanence of structure, my soul becomes silent – this is about feeling….the type of silence that comes when our soul is seeking the awareness of the substance to satisfy what it needs.  There was a time when I felt – let the dead bury the dead.  Now I am more inclined to understand that the dead are not really dead when we seek to learn the lessons of their life and use them for our own.  Those reminders allow us to always carry them with us…in our minds eye.

Below – ‘the chamber of the revered ‘Eva Peron’


Personally, I am not a zealot of any thing to the degree of being blinded to the value of all the other streams of life that represent and point us to what is sacred…I will allow you to define for yourself what is sacred to you.  In these days of reflecting, I feel a sublimation of my basic instincts…as I move from only considering specific contexts and memories…to accentuating my wonderful experiences by adding in additional contexts to expand my own history and memory – for the purpose of creating….walking out of the Recoleta…I walk in the Basilica de Nuestra Senora Del Pilar….to sit, meditate, reflect…to consider….

Aye, a stream of life that activates and empowers a higher consciousness and plane of existence…In this ‘stream’…I am reminded of many wonderful experiences, but also how easily they can be repressed under the weight of the expectations of life, disappointments and all of those other nasty distractions.

This ‘Stream of life’ – sometimes we kill it in how we compensate for our day-to-day grind of life…and it distracts us from what life is…I won’t tell you what it is but, being reminded of the ‘Great Gamora’ again…I am reminded to grow…simply, to grow…

So what Tango did I find here? Well…although there are commonalities…we each have our own….and it amounts to something much more than steps….:)


Sitting here at ‘La Biela’…in my reflections, enjoying my ‘cafecito’ and ‘medialunas’….outside underneath the shade – El “Gran Gomero”…

With all my travels and experiences, my observations are no panacea or romanticization….nor, is it to say that one culture is better than another…it is simply that our personal and social experiences may at times blind us to the value or our own self or culture.  At times, a different cultural experience may awaken us to a higher level of existence within our own culture.  We can accomplish this by identifying a cultural component and its base/root…and using it to better understand our own base root.  Eventually we may merge them and increase the breadth and depth of our own cultural foundation as another expression of the universal stream of life – that is just as valuable.

As I continue to sit and ponder, the discussion with ’Beatriz’ comes to mind…”our intentions pass through individual and ancestral layers of memory and experience on its way to becoming movement.”  By creating new memories and experiences…can we then adjust our movements, our actions…our own cultural way of life?  More plainly – can we use this as a tool to shape the quality of our contemporary and our future?

As I sit here, the terms happy and joy or sadness and melancholy are not actualized…for I feel peace.  Peace like the waters….as in ‘still waters run deep.’  My tumultuousness is at bay…and I feel the place where I can just be…Knowing it will come and go…and I will have to work to make that feeling consistently and perpetually dominant over time…but, never-the-less, knowing it exists is a start to making it ever present….

This becoming ‘aware’, this consciousness – attempting to become aware of the things that we are not aware of…I can only speak of my own journey of my own travels…inside…it is not for everyone…no judgement, but particularly not the surface dwellers….It is for the travelers!!

Following the guidance of ‘Beatriz’ to go see the Tango that exists…obviously we aren’t talking of dance or steps – but experiences that shape the context of memory of which intention flows through…I start at a place where she took me to and left me there to ponder – ‘Palais de Glace’


Many many moons ago…this place had a large wooden floor inside…and was a central arena for how Tango manifested as the dance….it now holds a large art exhibit…fitting 🙂  Art – as the expression of the awareness of ‘creative consciousness’ as described by ‘Julia Cameron’ in ‘The Artists Way.’  And, awareness of this creativity can create a spiritual path.  Hence, these posts are not about dancing…it is about a continual journey of walking through doors whose presence are illuminated by a consciousness of the streams/rivers of life.  As, some artists express their creativity whose meaning ultimately is reflected by our interpretation, I will leave your interpretation to you through some of these examples on display:

Artists (Marcia Schvartz) (Fermin Eglia)

Artists (Pablo Paez) (Dullio Pierri) (Nadia Guthman)

Artists (Santiago Garcia Pilloto) (Gabriel Orge)

If you look closely at the presentation of Santiago – you will see  a baby calf inside its mother with the head of the vulture also penetrating inside – for you to interpret…


Artist (Nicola Constantino)


Artist (Carlos Ronzsentroch)

Leaving the Palais, I come across another ‘Gran Gomero’…In many ways this tree exemplifies life…this place…As with this tree, are our roots ever straight or do they turn and twist and appear crooked, they are as we are….but, it provides a clear center line of life that with work we can perceptively see it as the straight path…(for those who know)…


Just as poetry facilitates a conversation, this type of artistic expression can also initiate a conversation we need to have with ourselves…and who knows…we may actually discover what the actualization of sublimation means…play with it a bit…nurture your creative consciousness….and just see what may happen….

A la Recoleta….Abrazos!!