Sitting here at ‘La Biela’…in my reflections, enjoying my ‘cafecito’ and ‘medialunas’….outside underneath the shade – El “Gran Gomero”…

With all my travels and experiences, my observations are no panacea or romanticization….nor, is it to say that one culture is better than another…it is simply that our personal and social experiences may at times blind us to the value or our own self or culture.  At times, a different cultural experience may awaken us to a higher level of existence within our own culture.  We can accomplish this by identifying a cultural component and its base/root…and using it to better understand our own base root.  Eventually we may merge them and increase the breadth and depth of our own cultural foundation as another expression of the universal stream of life – that is just as valuable.

As I continue to sit and ponder, the discussion with ’Beatriz’ comes to mind…”our intentions pass through individual and ancestral layers of memory and experience on its way to becoming movement.”  By creating new memories and experiences…can we then adjust our movements, our actions…our own cultural way of life?  More plainly – can we use this as a tool to shape the quality of our contemporary and our future?

As I sit here, the terms happy and joy or sadness and melancholy are not actualized…for I feel peace.  Peace like the waters….as in ‘still waters run deep.’  My tumultuousness is at bay…and I feel the place where I can just be…Knowing it will come and go…and I will have to work to make that feeling consistently and perpetually dominant over time…but, never-the-less, knowing it exists is a start to making it ever present….

This becoming ‘aware’, this consciousness – attempting to become aware of the things that we are not aware of…I can only speak of my own journey of my own travels…inside…it is not for everyone…no judgement, but particularly not the surface dwellers….It is for the travelers!!

Following the guidance of ‘Beatriz’ to go see the Tango that exists…obviously we aren’t talking of dance or steps – but experiences that shape the context of memory of which intention flows through…I start at a place where she took me to and left me there to ponder – ‘Palais de Glace’


Many many moons ago…this place had a large wooden floor inside…and was a central arena for how Tango manifested as the dance….it now holds a large art exhibit…fitting 🙂  Art – as the expression of the awareness of ‘creative consciousness’ as described by ‘Julia Cameron’ in ‘The Artists Way.’  And, awareness of this creativity can create a spiritual path.  Hence, these posts are not about dancing…it is about a continual journey of walking through doors whose presence are illuminated by a consciousness of the streams/rivers of life.  As, some artists express their creativity whose meaning ultimately is reflected by our interpretation, I will leave your interpretation to you through some of these examples on display:

Artists (Marcia Schvartz) (Fermin Eglia)

Artists (Pablo Paez) (Dullio Pierri) (Nadia Guthman)

Artists (Santiago Garcia Pilloto) (Gabriel Orge)

If you look closely at the presentation of Santiago – you will see  a baby calf inside its mother with the head of the vulture also penetrating inside – for you to interpret…


Artist (Nicola Constantino)


Artist (Carlos Ronzsentroch)

Leaving the Palais, I come across another ‘Gran Gomero’…In many ways this tree exemplifies life…this place…As with this tree, are our roots ever straight or do they turn and twist and appear crooked, they are as we are….but, it provides a clear center line of life that with work we can perceptively see it as the straight path…(for those who know)…


Just as poetry facilitates a conversation, this type of artistic expression can also initiate a conversation we need to have with ourselves…and who knows…we may actually discover what the actualization of sublimation means…play with it a bit…nurture your creative consciousness….and just see what may happen….

A la Recoleta….Abrazos!!