Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 22, 2015

When I first began to blog about my travels, the motivation was to document what I was seeing and experiencing so that my children and family could follow along with me. Then, as more people talked with me about traveling….it also made it very clear to me how fortunate I am to have had the experiences that come with worldwide travel. So then, blogging became also a mechanism to share these experiences with others who may be curious as to what is happening in various parts of the world.

One of the things I love most about international travel is to sit and listen to news stations and media outlets that bring a completely different perspective. Once you are outside of the States and develop a connection with the people you are visiting, then it is highly likely that you can easily identify how jaded some of the news coverages and political perspectives actually are and how they contribute to popular and un-popular culture.

As time has passed, and eventually I will post other trips that I have taken that have not made the blog as of yet, this blog has turned into something even more. Many psychologists believe that much of what makes up our personalities is a lifelong response to specific incidents, experiences, culture and/or events. Essentially saying that much of what is taking place in our minds is a response. The question for me becomes at what point in time do we stop responding and start creating what we want to be. Much of this ability to create comes from stopping the response mechanism and actively pursuing experiences that provide a foundation to build the mind that we want to have. I am clearly not saying that this is an easy thing to do…far from it!!! Because we know as Erika Badu beautifully sang – many of us are dragging mental bags full of all kinds of things that weigh us down. Never-the-less, sometimes we have to try to unpack those mental bags, and replace what is inside of them with something new, fresh, gainful, and gives us the tools to have a more complete life journey. And so…

We embark on another journey and this time we are heading south….way south of the border – to the land of Good Air – Buenos Aires, Argentina. As we move along, I’ll get more into the purpose of the trip and the experiences that await.

For now, it is quite a feeling to take off from Hartsfield- Jackson in the middle of the night, up into the sky…looking out the window into the darkness.

In many ways it’s a surreal feeling. Knowing you are flying over the Gulf of Mexico, places near to Central America and Cuba, down through Columbia and Venezuela…you can’t see much because of the darkness, but it is an interesting feeling knowing that you are there. Even in the dark, on occasion you will see spots of lights or small cities to peak your interest. Then, as the morning comes and the sun rises, you begin to make out the terrain – mountains, trees – this time it looked like parts of the earth had an Afro 🙂 so very thick. As the sun rises, you begin to make out the Pacific Ocean, Peru and the mountains in Chile. And in approaching Buenos Aires, you notice the changes in ground color and terrain and the obvious signs of life, farms, homes, and cities. Observing these areas, you may wonder what their lives are like. What do they talk about? What are their challenges? Is it the same as ours? What shapes their personalities? What would it be like to live their lives? Anyway, you get my drift!! It is always easy to make assumptions about people, their lives, their political and social perspectives etc…it is quite another thing to put on their shoes and wear their emotions and feelings…adopt the sum accumulation of experiences that shape the construct of their mind….


So, this trip will be a bit different. No one will be waiting at the gate, no guide (unless I find one), there are no friends or colleagues waiting to guide me around…this will purely be the experience of a stranger in a strange land. With a descent amount of knowledge about Spanish – but many of the people here actually speak Castellano…a different variation….’like I will know the difference’ 🙂

So, this is tantamount to taking off on an adventure like the ‘High Planes Drifter’…seeking to find what else the world has to offer. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken such a trip, and definitely will not be the last. And beyond seeking experiences to help mold the mind, it is also quite a feeling to hurl yourself into the unknown, to challenge what you think you know about people, their culture, their ideas, but also just as importantly – to challenge what you think you know about yourself.

I have a few surprises in mind that will probably surprise me just as much as it might surprise you. There is a specific cultural experience I am seeking this time around…so we shall see what we find….So….Adios me Amigos…and Hola Portanos….Here we come…..

Now forthrightly, although I’ve been many places and seen lots of things, international travel can be a bit overwhelming…stepping off the plane…trying to act like I have confidence in my Spanish abilities…well, let’s just say the first few people I came across were very nice and patient:

Had to get through customs with my Spanish – I got an A for effort at least…They let me in the country 🙂 Had to get a taxi into town – that gentleman spoke English so he went easy on me…the Taxi Driver…well he was a nice fellow…he just took me to my destination and let me rest – thank the LORD 🙂

So right now, I’ve taken a bit of a stroll, used my Spanish and their kindness to convert Dollars into Peso’s; set myself up at the residence where I will be staying; picked up some lunch (ridiculously delicious)…took a few pictures….

This is a photo of the National Congress Building in Buenos Aires right behind the statue of the ‘Thinking Man’ – always have to get that one in….


Lots of beautiful architecture and amazing cultural activities to come.  But, for now, my friends, as my Spanish culture compadres do…it is time for a Siesta….