Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)

September 30, 2021

Quite the beautiful dynamic to go beyond the surface, pull back the layers of life, and dig into beauty…to find….

Por fin, mi viaje continua….con y sin…pero lo continua….

I have been planning this journey for over a year and a half. Aside from the corona virus dynamic, making it happen has been ochos locos!! But, finally, it is here 🙂 Admittedly, this part of the journey is more internal than external. It coincides with some major life changes. The type of changes that you can either sink from or get to swimming. I’m sure many of you can understand. Those vicissitudes of life….they do come a calling when we least expect it! With that said, I am using this as my yogini has guided…as a catalyst to reach those internal elevated places … and I shall!!!

For a long time I’ve had an interest in ‘Ciudad de Mexico.’ But, the interest increased exponentially as I delved deeper into cultural studies and the modality of art. Once I got further along and started to explore the Latin affairs, the interest became more particular. Along this path, Frida Kahlo, came in the light.

As I began to learn more about her work, and learned more about what art is and various ways of understanding it… it became necessary to become more familiar with her art…but more so, to become more acquainted with the dynamics that shaped her perspectives.

Hence more interest in the history of Mexico and it’s global interactions. As said by John Berger in ‘Ways of Seeing’…

“The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe…”…

So much of our interpretation of what we see is dictated by what we already believe. or as I might add…what we think we know or believe…would the state of humanity or our personal lives be in the condition it is in…if we were all that aligned with reality? Maybe yes…Maybe no!!

But, how many of us then can admit within the totality of what there is, we don’t know much. Personally, when I started to study this trip, I didn’t know a damn thing about art. Now, I have evolved to a point where I am more fully aware of what exactly I don’t know….nice to apply that to other things as well 🙂

I don’t pretend to be an aficionado….simply put, I just want to learn…add more culture and understanding to my own…

Simply put, it is easy for our lives to get small and intensely confusing when the ochos locos comes. But, we can remind ourselves and reconnect to the grandeur and largess of life. In many ways, this is what Frida embodied and many other aspects of her home culture.

With the contextual timing, this one is similar to a pilgrimage. However, I’m also a believer that when we go places…we only find what we brought with us…same as in relationships.

Thus, this is about using an experience to connect more with what has already been discovered within…as usual, some I will share…and, some is for me…

Usually, I stay in more humble arrangements…however, this time there was a shift to match the original plan and the current purpose…

The abode of the launch…

And yes…’THE VIEW”… 🙂 on top of the hill is Chapultepec Castle maintained within the park called ‘ Bosque de Chapultepec’…for this purpose…view, neighborhood (Condesa), proximity…perfecto!!

But, of course we are in Ciudad de Mexico. Being an Anthony Bourdain acolyte, the ‘Street Food’ must be honored…this place is called ‘Taco, Naco’..will have more on this later…

As our journey continues…

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