La Candelaria! Street Art!

August 20, 2021

Street Art, such as this, permeates La Candelaria!! It is also tucked into many places throughout Bogota. So, although I am just now posting about it….it was an every day every moment type of experience. I just found it to be such a significant contributor to the overall experience, that I saved it for my last post 🙂 !!

While I travel a lot…the destination is not the primary…it is actually secondary to the human and cultural story. So yes, throughout the years…you will usually see a couple somewhere in there expressing themselves!! Yes! I’m a believer…. 🙂 You’ve heard it, ‘Art mimicking Life’…or vice-versa…you get it…beauty…

A special treat…. ‘una sorpresa especial…’ ….

And…as I mentioned – the human story! This gentleman was the ‘capstone’ of the trip. Kindness just exuded from his pours to the degree that as soon as you walked into the room you felt at ease, accepted, and at home. Part look – Part personality….He somewhat reminds me of this ‘tango organizer’ guy I know in Charlotte, NC 🙂

This guy, I would love to see again…

I enjoyed sharing these moments with you….I am getting caught up…

Let us meet again soon!!


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