Bogota, Columbia – La Candelaria!!

August 17, 2021

A family friend of mine, a Harvard trained Ph.d. in Anthropology always teases me about how in my travels I am a budding anthropologist because of my curiosity about so many cultures. Always love him!! If I were to focus on that view, I might start this off with a discussion on magical realism. Not because of the stereotypes spread by shows like ‘Narcos’ – which I did enjoy 🙂 But, more along the lines of the artistic expressions. Although the magical realism, was initially ascribed to a painting style, and then to latin writers, and then back again to maestras such as Frida Kahlo. My ventures are less about that structure, and more about I’m just a regular person who is exploring, feeling, experience, asking questions!!

For me magical realism, this mix of fantasy and reality, is what each of us bring with us! We have our perceptions of reality tinged and sometimes overwhelmed with fantasy! So it is less about discovering it in Columbia, and more about what magical realism I am bringing with me 🙂

Beyond the stereotypes of the cocaine trade, implications are real but unfair for many people…there are many people with a beautiful cultural lineage that has developed through the filters and vicissitudes of time. Interestingly, when I began to research the trip so many places listed most of the neighborhoods as dangerous. So I called a friend of mine who provided the insight; thus, land in La Candelaria!!

At this point, I usually ask… “Can you feel it? Can you?” Forget about the theoretical concepts of magical realism…can you feel your own move inside of you? chuckling…the mountains, the clouds and fog, the trees and elevation…the richness of the colors…. OKAY, OKAY!! I’m going to leave it at that…But, this place…Hell with the stereotypes, has magic as you shall see!! But, first stop…

The abode! As you know, I’m all about the experience…in the culture. Now admittedly, La Candelaria has a lot of tourist components….probably something that can’t be avoided this time. However, there is a very strong local mix…dynamic that allows for a bit of both if you are interested in digging. So, a small quaint, affordable, safe, clean…Airbnb:

Beautiful and quaint courtyard full of life! Kitchenette and front room up to the task! For me, close and comfortable…didn’t come all this way for a hotel/motel room…just need a nice place that allows for some rest and replenishment…so much to see…and,

And, what about these views…most of the day…every day…downtown, mountains, the sky, the breeze, life in the form of a bird of prey….1st day and I’m in love with this place…my magical realism is blossoming…and taking over…

As you may be able to tell, I am catching up with my posts…but, revisiting this trip is very exciting…La Candelaria, Bogota, and More….Here We Come!!

Arribamos!! 🙂

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