Cuban Cars and Restaurants

June 28, 2020

Not the whole part, but for the most part…. how you see the world is often times based upon the perspective you already bring to a situation.  Well of course…unless you base yourself in learning about yourself, your environment, and who or what you interact with…..

Like the story of the man traveling to Tibet to meditate for peace.

On his way up the mountain, he came across a Buddhist monk, and the monk asked him “where are going”?  The traveler said, up the mountain to find peace…and the monk replied…all you will find up there is what you already brought with you.

I’m saying all of that to say…. Because of the long history of socioeconomic and political differences, as well as even the variations of such within Cuba…. there are many sensitive subjects to learn about.  And, it was the most amazing experience to leave previous perspectives at the airport…and to accept being taught.  Of course, this requires a great degree of trust….as Cuba has a completely different system.  It is important to protect those who have given so much…thus, a great degree of what I learned will not be written about here…. you will have to go yourself…. but, in the meantime….

It is Cars and a few Restaurants!!!!  😊

All over Havana, you see these specialty cars…and they are REAL cars…  Very interesting stories on cost…obtaining parts…keeping them running….one thing that can be said about any item in Cuba….there is never a guarantee it will be there…..

And, this may be an economy frozen or suppressed in many ways based upon it’s relationship with the United States…none of these come cheap….

One of my favorites here….of course you see them around the city…but, always beautiful to see them lined up….downtown…or floating down the Malecon….. 🙂


and just for a little variety….

The Restaurants.  Being a traveler, when I am in the United States I am always wondering if a restaurant is as authentic as advertised….and this is not a statement about Cuban food in the United States…I am certainly not qualified to discuss those points….However, here are a few authentic locations with a delicious palate and environment….

Starting right near the Malecon….

Restaurante Castas & Tal:


The menu is not extensive, but it is rather close when walking the Malecon..good snacks….and a few entrees to choose from…

As mentioned, nice place for a quick snack…however, for a much fuller experience….go check out….

Restaurante: Dona Carmela:


An absolutely beautiful place, with a strong local flavor, that also tends to have a band playing…and of course the entire time…they were playing variations of the Buena Vista Social Club…


A thoroughly chilled environment, where you can spend hours listening to good music…conversation…..and….


of course….enjoying good food…the Cuban Special…Whole Fried Fish…


One of my absolute favorites though is…

Cafe Tilin

Quite the lovely outdoor/covered environment….especially on an evening with a nice breeze….

We were here earlier in the day in more of a private setting; however, as you can see, there is a lot of potential here for a good evening….

And, in this instance…it was wonderful to have my guy do the ordering…as they had many delicious Cuban variations of which I was not aware….

And, even in Cuba….always nice to find a little buddy…


A little light hearted business, now off to Vinales 🙂

2 Responses to “Cuban Cars and Restaurants”

  1. Rabiah Muhammad said

    As always. . . an absolute delight to read your reflective and culturally rich travelogues. One day. . .

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