Port-Au-Prince – It’s own Beauty!!

May 13, 2020

If you’ve flipped through this blog, you know that I have been around to at least a few places.  These last few years, I focused more on Argentina….and then have now begun to roam about a bit more.  It is always wonderful to experience a place, not just in tourist mode…but, to be in a position to engage in cultural absorption.

For many reasons, which comes as no surprise….being in Haiti reminds me of a few places in Africa.


I was told by a Panamanian friend once, that they were the only ones in the word with this type of transportation….well, seems as though the Haitians have their own flavor as well….

Like many places…it has its clean…and it has its..well, not so clean….

But, there is this thing that people do…where they are clean on the outside, and focus on presentation…yet have hidden their trash on the inside….

Yet sometimes, we have to accept appearances as we know we all have our own trash on the inside as well….personally, I enjoyed walking by the trash heaps in down-town Port-Au-Prince just as much as I did being amazed in the depth and beauty of Jacmel….


The central park area where many a person gathers….


Maybe with that…we can find more acceptance with each other….maybe not…we all have our own path and eventually we will look back on our own lives and have to be accountable to ourselves for it….let’s hope that we are the only ones who will hold us accountable….

Port-Au-Prince is a place where you can see the children at night sitting on the side-walk doing their homework under the street lights….all understanding that this life isn’t going to come easy….that should be a sign to some of our own judgements soaked in privilege …..

As I mentioned, this post was less about me….and more of a recognition….that I had help in learning to see the world….and maybe through these experiences I share….we can see each other a bit more humanely….

For more specific information on the Haitian Crisis, check out:


Written by Dr. Anne Martine Pierre-Pierre

Grateful for the,

Pierre-Pierre Family

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti


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