On the Malecon – Havana, Cuba

May 13, 2020

Some call it the land of Fidel…some of the Castro’s….let’s not forget the giant of a man Che Guevera….a music lover might immediately think of Ibrahim Ferrer and the ‘Buena Vista Social Club’. or a dancer – the Cuban Interpretation of ‘Salsa’….but, that would seem to not acknowledge the immense history, even expressed in its contemporary, of another jewel sitting right off the coast of the United States….

Most of my posts tend to deal with destinations a bit distant; however, digging around much closer to home and in the same vein as an appropriate follow up to my last post on Haiti – Welcome to the Malecon!!  🙂


If you decide to go to Cuba, I critically recommend you connect with a ‘Cubano’.  If all you want is the tourist experience, then…well….you won’t really see Cuba.  Connect with the right person, and get down into the richness of this environment.  Arriving on the Malecon and walking up the steps to the Bungalow,

Walking into the room, and feeling the surroundings….if you did not know the definition of the word ‘vintage’, that’s okay – because you can feel it now.  As you can see, the doors open right up to the Ocean….that fresh completely stimulating breeze comes through the doors from the ocean…and with the feeling of vintage….I know – this is my place.  Looking outside from the porch, directly on the Malecon….the combined contribution to the atmosphere of the historical fort, old, and new Havana feels appropriate…


Heading out onto the street, you can immediately feel that this strip is also a major social hub…and not just for visitors and tourists…but, for cubanos as well!!

Continuing to stroll and connecting with the feeling,

So much could be said, but sometimes – we talk too much…when we should be feeling,


I find a great degree of fulfillment and satisfaction to study a place thoroughly, and then go sit and absorb….looking for an understanding I can use in my own life…and always, a baby of life pops up 🙂


After half a day of strolling, absorbing, reflecting, learning, and simultaneously being in my head and getting out of it….it’s getting later in the day…

Retiring to the view from my bungalow….


I reflect on being grateful that my understanding is not singularly shaped by those things that have no depth.  Admittedly, focusing on so much depth all the time poses mental health challenges, not to mention the social ones.  Never-the-less, I am excited….I am about to embark on another journey…some of which will be mentioned here…but, like most things…the internal residue will resonate more powerfully as time goes along….

I am grateful!!  I am in Cuba…on the Malecon…. ❤

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