Remembering Haiti

May 12, 2020

This experience happened a few years ago, but it is one I have been meaning to post for quite some time.  The thought was transformed to action by the recent passing of the dear family friend who created this opportunity.  The person was Canadian/Haitian, but also a student of Haiti – specifically, the U.S. Refugee Act and the Haitian Interdiction Agreement.  We could talk about the classes or immigrants with privilege.  We could talk about the political dynamics, the housing issues, or the intense poverty for a country right off the coast.

Most have no direct experience with Haiti.  Many travelers will bypass Haiti to frequent the resorts or hot-spots in the Dominican Republic.  Much can be said about the history of Haiti, the relationship with the DR, and US policy towards the Haitians; however, those who are interested in such can easily find those discussions.  This post is more about a tribute to my friend, and to show you a little bit of Haiti.  Although rife with poverty, the Island is full of riches as well…

Landing in Port-au-Prince making the first stop at the castle….

The feeling you get is the majestic nature of the palace, with the mountains as the background, and if you do not know the history of Toussaint L’Ouverture, then that is recommended reading.  The ‘General’, in a historical and contemporary sense, seems to have left the remains for blessings and cursings…..yet, riding around Haiti….there is a sense of curiosity that shows the chains of hope…


Whenever, I travel somewhere….I always look for the children.  I wonder what their story is…. In fact, some adults have a well developed inner child.  Thus, I wonder about that story as well.  Many of these youngsters are constantly seen being children.  Although the outsider would see the suffering, many of them are so happy they do not even know they are suffering.  But, I wonder; however, can you see the suffering inside of other people??

Just, going through downtown Port-Au-Prince, it is really quite fascinating….practically any view might pop up….and it made me wonder constantly….what stream of life is this?

In the city, of course there is the dust….but, also the views of the mountains (although some have been made bare because of the over-production of charcoal, the rivers…their inhabitants…..and of course the sights ….

The business owners and occasional amazing view… but, personally…I love my guy here:


🙂 🙂  well, we all have our things we are fascinated by 🙂  But, moving right along….The next post, goes into what we call the …. ‘bidonville’…..












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  1. Lydia Magras said

    May Allah be well pleased with your friend 🙏🏽🤲🏽❤️

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