Jogjakarta – Indonesia

February 23, 2015

Now if you come to the other side of the world, and come to see the temples…more than likely you will stop and stay for a bit in Jogjakarta…Jogja for short…not giving you alot here…just a few things to give you an idea about an oasis between your temple stops….

This place embodies much of what you will find in Indonesia and it is an excellent stopping point…as is said, “we eat and we shop”…:)

You will find plenty of cultural activities here “eating and shopping”, but you will also find lots of street food, art, a large international set, nice accommodations, and it is a great place to just sit back and people watch!!  This is the main strip – Malioboro…



Lots of food options, but it is always nice to find a traditional eatery and sit and people watch…trust me, they will be watching you as well:


At night, this place is buzzing…I mean, like a bee hive…people everywhere, all over the place and each other…and of course…motorbike heaven:


If you are a shopper then you must go into the market…you could probably spend a week in there digging through all the things they sell…but, keep this in mind…this is a culture that requires you to bargain…and also keep this in mind…whether you are at the temples, a city, or anywhere else…there is the local price, the Indonesian price, the Asian price, and the International Price…if you don’t see a price sticker on it…you better watch out…

There are signs warning you of pick pockets..but, some of these folks will pick your pocket right in front of you…be careful, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth…a very religious society in many ways, but they will also dig into you without any consciousness.  Now, it isn’t everyone, I met so real down to earth honest to goodness respectful people…but, all over Indonesia, especially in bali…if they can tell you are a foreigner…then you best get ready!!!!

At night, the street is packed, but all day long from open to close..the market is full:


And, you will often find a little treat that pops up on you…plenty of folks playing music, small bands by the side of the road..or moving around looking to entertain…interesting thing is, some of them will feel you out to see who you are and where you are from…then, they will break out into something they think you can associate with….good stuff….


There are lots of things that could be shown…having all these experiences, this blog could be endless…but, just wanted to give you a little taste of what you will find…time for some rest…relaxation…and contemplation…

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