Penang, Malaysia – Wall Art

February 16, 2015

Now, after experiencing whatever that was at Strait Quay….found a very interesting experience back in the organic areas.  Penang decided to take advantage of its organic character and invest in Wall Art.  All throughout the historic and peripheral areas, they have allowed artists to post their work on walls throughout.  Specifically, Georgetown and the areas around it.  So without many words here are some  of the pics.  This is something that could really merge local artistry and communities together and add to the eclectic and organic nature of a community…nice stuff…click on the pick if you want to see more details…some of them also tell the story of how specific cultural aspects developed in Penang:




Found this to be of the utmost interest…see how they merge the painting with the still object in front of it…very very unique and interesting…had to wait in line to take a pic, as many people wanted to take a pic acting like they were the person in the painting riding the bike…




There are well over 50 of these examples of artistry throughout this area.  So, I am not posting them all, just wanted to give you a sample of what organic means here! 🙂

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