Around Penang, Malaysia

February 16, 2015

Now here, I am not discussing anything specific…just want to give you a little visual taste of Penang…this city isn’t for everyone…but, I love it…it is not Singapore…it has its trash, its smells, its significant diversity in levels of developed humanity…but, never-the-less, it is what it is…and it feels like that old jacket of mine 🙂  In fact, interestingly enough…while in the United States there is so much constant discussion about Islam and what is taking place in the Middle East…within the context of the book, “The Revenge of Geography” it would be so interesting to hear to talkers discuss Islam in Asia…not that they don’t have any problems, they just know how to live with each other from the angles and glances of multiple religions and multiple perspectives…more to be said about that later….but for now…here we go, amazing architecture…reminiscent of a time:



mixed in throughout…


Leaving the Temple I talked about, came across this smaller version on the street corner…it was wonderful to watch…a Father teaching his little boy the importance of and how to pray…although the little one was adverse…I’m sure he will get it soon 🙂


One of the many local Mosques:


And while Penang is very old world style organic, not to forget this is still a Muslim Country:


With additional religions, thoughts and concepts and the freedom to do such:


And, although this is not the best picture, what you have here is a picture of the Buddha on the side of a mountain.  Now this edifice is the size of a building…beautiful to behold…imagine that…tolerance and acceptance in a Muslim Country…so much to be said about the political, historical and cultural implications of Geography…hmmm….think on it… 🙂


Let me say this, Penang was not Singapore..but, Singapore isn’t Penang…loved them both…such a culturally enriching experience…and I am just getting started…watch out now 🙂  Okay, there is one thing I found to be quite disturbing…McDonald’s is EVERYWHERE…


Okay, Okay, Okay…I am a free market kind of guy…I do believe in the enterprise system and markets…I openly admit this…but, sometimes even free markets can go to the extreme..particularly when a society embraces it…but, I have to draw my limits…I have to draw the line in the sand…If any of my friends has one of these back in the States…let me be the first to tell you:


YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE SOMEBODY!!! Really, a VIP sticker on the window for McDonald’s…. Come on NOW…Let me help you…I know people that can help you…only $20 bucks every two weeks…and if you need something more intense than that, we help you there as well…I’m going to leave it alone at that…but, you can find me online if you want to be helped…laughing…okay…

Loving Penang…Stay Up…Next Stop…Surabaya!!!! 🙂

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