Singapore – The Marina

February 12, 2015

Last but not least!! There are many things to see in Singapore. In fact, like most eclectic cities, you could spend weeks and still have new experiences to acquire. In a few days, my experience was full and packed. Some of the items on the brochure’s you can probably ignore (just depends on what floats your boat), but one that you shouldn’t ignore is the Marina…right at the end of the Metro Line.

As mentioned, this Marina is the historical harbor for Singapore. But, when they needed to develop a fresh water source repository, they damned off the ocean inlet and turned the old harbor into a new fresh water basin. It is amazingly clean, fresh smelling, and indeed a compliment to the overall experience that Singapore provides.  Take the opportunity to take an evening ride on what they call the Bumboat boats:


They take you through the harbor, the inner rivers lined with hotels, restaurants and shops, you can get on and off at your leisure. And, the lights make it a beautiful experience at night. This is where the world famous Ferris Wheel is located. I skipped the Wheel!! As was so accurately said on the hilarious Comedy Show: In Living Color….”Homey Don’t Play That…” meaning this fellow doesn’t do heights…. 🙂 Moving on expeditiously….around the Marina you will see:





What you will get from the Harbor is an up close glimpse of the Symbol of Singapore – Half Lion Half Fish – which represents humility along with one of the original names – The Lion City:


What you will also get is a up close look at one amazing piece of architecture. This three pronged building has a Boat Balanced on top of it…not sure why they wanted to do that…but, let’s just go with it 🙂


Now this building is significant because of its architecture, and that it holds a world class shopping mall (Fifth Avenue in New York and the shopping strip in Seoul all placed inside one building), a Casino, Hotel, and Restaurants. However, it is also significant because at the top you get a view of all of what Singapore is….And, it holds the World Famous – Ku De Ta Restaurant!!

The view is amazing…you can see the ships waiting at one of the busiest ports in the world, as well as check out the city and the electric garden:

IMG_0556 And, of course I had to get my ‘Chill’ on next to this wonderful view….”Ku De Ta”!!!!!


See you next in Penang, Malaysia

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