Little India and Arab Street

February 12, 2015

Little India and Arab Street

As I mentioned, Singapore is very culturally eclectic. They are not afraid of cultural diversity, and this is exemplified through the support for so many ethnically based neighborhoods. I’ve already shown you a few bits of Chinatown….now check out Little India and Arab Street.

The moment you cross into Little India, you know for a fact you have skipped into another culture 🙂


More and More and More shops, temples and restaurants. Just as China Town was preparing for the Chinese New Year, they were also preparing for a celebration in Little India. Soooo, the streets were being decorated, shops were preparing and the streets were abuzz:


In my travels or even being in the United States, it is always interesting to observe the stereotypes/cognitive shortcuts that people have with each other. Just walking through, it is easy to allow the unknown to place fear or discomfort in us. But, even if you don’t speak the language….we all know the universal language is a smile and a wave (hello), that does indeed go along way….as these wonderful people out enjoying their day can attest:


Just a skip away, completely exemplifying Singapore’s cultural mix, is Arab Street. As the name attests, this is where you will find Arabs of course, but also those who identify with Islam…and because the area is so nice – great shops, great food, clean and safe environment – you also find people who have nothing to do with Islam but are just looking for a safe nice place to chill and have a cold drink:




All over Asia, this is one of your common sites….girls and women walking tend to hold each others arms or hands…even with parents…mothers and daughters…the implications of such humanity on display speaks volumes:


Admittedly, I have been to a lot of places. And, one of the things I love most is just to see kids being kids…running around, chasing each other, bumping around, oblivious to anything but fun…parents yelling at them…them yelling back fussing about what they want 🙂 KIDS!! Regardless to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality….KIDS!! 🙂


One thing is for sure, when you hit Singapore make sure you have some walking shoes that do your feet well…I bought some brand new ones – mistake – and my feet are killing me…and, suck it up, and on to the next stop 🙂

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