Several Days around Panama City

October 7, 2012

As this adventure in personal and professional development  continues on, there were several observations that really stood out!  If you are working on your Spanish, here is an easy one for you….care to translate? 🙂

‘A man’s got to make his own way’….all over the city you see plenty examples of people doing whatever they can do to make ends meet….this fellow was pretty good!

Now this gentleman was very interesting….several times a week I would pass him by….we would sit there on his stool with a violin…most times when I saw him he was tuning it…or so I thought…one day I walked closed to him while he was playing…in reality, he couldn’t not play that thing any better than any random person could speak yiddish…he would just glide the bow back and forth over and over…look up at you…and expect you to put some change in the cup….well, it’s working for him…so I am for him as well 🙂 Get your hustle on 🙂

I really enjoyed this one!  This guy reminded me of an artisan working his craft…Old School Style Shine Booth…He even had quite the tune going … made that rag sing!!!!

Having spent a significant amount of time appreciating Historic Preservation in Savannah, GA, I can tell you that there are some amazing examples of historically significant structures in Panama…this Catholic Cathedral….the architecture and craftsmanship are amazing…to the degree that I even went to Mass 🙂  Of course it was all in Spanish…but, again…some things need to be respected on their face….

Growth and Development at times forces the new to be mixed with the old.  This is a great example of the New Buildings standing in contrast to the Old Buildings in the forefront…certainly there is duality in how those observations apply to our own lives 🙂

Now the F & F Tower speaks for itself…standing by itself is one view…when observed within the context of the skyline…it seems to give Panama an additional nuance of uniqueness….

One of the reverted areas has been dedicated by the government to the advancement of knowledge.  thus the name ‘Ciudad de Saber’…’the City of Knowledge’….love the name and the purpose…

To go along with that…they even have a governmental ministry dedicated to innovation…the Ministry of Innovation…it resides in a building named after the man that helped address Malaria when the canal was being built…beautiful structure…

Another governmental building with an old world feel to it…great use of cloth and structure…

The picture doesn’t do this building justice…but the color array stood out, as well as the crisscrossing nature of the balconies…right down by the waterfront…

A Panamanian of Jamaican descent…master story teller….and is serious about getting his hustle on… 🙂

The common view around the downtown area….in Panama City…Traffic Traffic Traffic 🙂  The metro line may alleviate that…let’s hope so 🙂  This was my daily view when walking over to the Super Market….See the Red Devil?

These were a line of food stands that sit next to the municipal building.  You can see the municipal building in the background…great variety…and great food…

Warning…McDonald’s delivers….Be Careful!!!! 🙂

And, as always…it is always about the people…and projects such as this always keeps me rooted on doing what we can to work on our humanity….

Life can be full of Life, if we let it….

And so, I could not very well spend all of this time in a Latin country and not get a little dancing in…and so I had the good fortune of walking into a place where the world renowned salsa singer Joe Arroyo was performing live with his band…

Yes, people…I got busy…in my own way 🙂

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