Hotel el Panama

September 21, 2012

Well, I must give it to my hosts….they are taking care of me very well! My abode resides right on the edge of the Banking district.  You can probably imagine that a place where the America’s meet and where so much of the world’s trade must pass through….obviously has a serious banking district.  Because of the abundance of travel, I have seen many a place.  However, this place, I must say, I am impressed with.  Not just because it looks nice, but because they have figured out the way to make you comfortable…particularly for a rather long stay.  I present to you: Hotel el Panama 🙂

Sits on a hill!  Note that most of the hotels in this area have Casino’s that are positioned next to them.  Personally, I’m not much of a Casino person, but I don’t begrudge a person’s poison 🙂  As you can see, the rooms are huge:

Both rooms are equipped with comfortably sized flat screen tv’s, the furniture is most comfortable, and the bed…well, trying to see if I can fit it into my suitcase…you get the point…very comfortable…very kool…and the view is better than watching tv 🙂  Those who have had their share of a lot of travel can appreciate this….no cheap frequently seen everywhere carpet…and the paintings…well, you can tell they didn’t come off of the xerox machine…and guess what…no carpet 🙂  Just solid hard floors….may not seem significant at first…but over the long haul….ahhhhh….talk to me 🙂

The feeling of the structure is strong…connects you with a sense of permanence…the type of permanence that after a long day of work over extended periods of time…you can release into something less temporal…as if you are connected to a broader sense of time…MAN…I know…a serious description of a room…but, some experiences deserve their recognition and attention…laughing…

If you plan a trip to Ciudad de Panama, I would seriously consider this hotel.  The pool is outrageous, the breakfast in the restaurant is set up the same as it would be for the Gods on Mount Olympus…and it is centrally located. Plenty of things of interest within walking distance! Okay, that is my marketing tid-bit, but mostly a statement of appreciation for the considerations provided by my hosts 🙂

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