Seoul by Night

November 1, 2011

There are many things about Seoul that captures your mind during the day….but, I must say that this city is absolutely beautiful by night….again, even order is present at night…. Like any city, problems exist…one impressive item regarding Seoul, is that while they embrace their traditions…they have no problem trying something new.  Between the naturally occurring and manufactured rivers/streams significantly numbered groups of people gather around them each night.

Ridiculous view…those walkways next to the water…absolutely beautiful!

This is one of the sources of the man-made rivers running through downtown…..

Along the river, there are certain places where they have mist machines in place.  And, so…as you walk around…the mist begins to shoot out…the colored lights come on and start moving in synch to a particular tune…thus the light show begins 🙂

When you turn off of the main roads and walk through what we would call an ally….that is where you find an innumerable amount of stores, restaurants and shops….each has a sign lined up on the streets…makes for a really interesting sight….

This is where I roamed when it was time to eat…unlike some other places I’ve been….you do find English signs here and there…but for the most part everything is in Korean….signs, menus…everything…and so my first stop I came across an:

If you click on the picture….or look closely…you will see a tank full of Octopus… do you like your octopus?  🙂  Now if it is sliced in a certain way, or cooked a certain way I may try it….and I’m the guy who demands local food when I travel abroad…with this exception in place…it is one thing to have some octopus in a dish….an entirely different issue to watch it swim around and them pick out the unlucky fellow…needless to say…”No Thank you” is the word for today 🙂

Fish tank in/outside restaurants are common place….they really emphasize freshness…and so you will generally see a fish tank where they store the fish until you come buy it 🙂

ok!!!! Finally found something to eat.  Do you see that plate setting, ridiculous….in the middle where you see the meat….is a grill with coals in it….that way customers can cook their own food.  Let me say…that was just amazing….went back the next night also….very fresh and delicious 🙂

Stomach is full….so back to strolling and the first thing I come upon is this building…so indicative of how beautiful this place is…and peaceful even….

Another beautiful sight….

Several shops like this one exist….it is your “Ginsing” shop….and man do they have a lot of it 🙂 ….

Ok, guess I am forced to talk about the shopping….there were so many stores, seriously though, if you come here…you better have either saved some money….or have the credit cards ready….make sure you are planning for the expenses….because the chain stores, luxury shops, and street vendors are all jammed into the same place 🙂

Sights such as this are quite common…especially when there is money to spend….and there are things to spend it on 🙂  This is the sight by day….where there are a lot of shops where you don’t necessarily have to negotiate each price…

Shoppers are all over the place at night also….and there is some of everything to purchase these evenings….

It was interesting to find out, though, that as much space there is for shopping above ground….there is just as much, maybe even more shopping underground….when you go into the tunnels (labeled for the subway) we find there is another world underneath the streets….it seems like it goes on forever….signs, stores, streets…all underground…People sure can be serious about shopping….and if you go…you had better be prepared 🙂

As mentioned previously, I have a huge number of photo’s but just posted these so that this trip could be followed.  Particularly understanding my own fortune in being able to gain these experiences, this is my way of sharing experiences that others may not have the opportunity to enjoy.  In each country, I showed some of the experiences.  Some were more in depth and some less.  If you have some specific questions, you can always send me a note….tomorrow morning I head back to the States….I’ll miss these experiences….but I also miss my dirt road 🙂

More observations to come 🙂

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