Temple – Tanah Lot

October 27, 2011

On the coast of the Indonesian Island of Bali, just two hours away from the “Land Down Under – Australia”, is located one of the most amazing temples – Tanah Lot!  Parts of this temple sits along the coastal ridges and also sits in the ocean.  Very quiet…as you walk through the area, the wind rushes through…fresh..misty…just the sound of a few tourists talking…the water hitting the rocks…and the wind making a slight howl as it twirls….  Very easy to get lost in your thoughts here.  But, eventually those thoughts dissipate and are replaced by what nature leaves in your mind.  When the tide is low, it is a fairly easy walk.  However, when the tide is high…well, you get the picture.  Amazing places such as this really don’t require much, in terms of words.  Thus, as in the previous post…I may comment slightly, but, for the most part, will allow the pictures to speak for themselves.  I believe that if you click on the pictures, they will enlarge for you….enjoy….

Most fortunate to have had this experience…as you can see, each one keeps building upon the other…isn’t that what life is…cumulative experiences affirming the directions we have taken….hopefully for the better….


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