To the Mountains….

October 25, 2011

After spending some time in the City of Tulungagung, I get a chance to spend some time in the country side and the mountains.  At this point, the experiences I’ve had have me so full that there is no need to rush…and sense of calm has pretty much taken over and harmony is the word that comes to mind.  The type of harmony that comes from a learning experience where you are actually learning…no need to fight the instructor or that internal inertia…all you have to do is just be….and the learning takes place naturally 🙂

For miles and miles…just rolling hills and mountains….time to keep listening…every now and then, someone pops up…and while the rice paddies are everywhere, they are starting to pop up more frequently.  I’ve seen rice production in West Africa…but, thus far, I had not seen it to this degree.  You can tell that it is obviously a major part of the culture….not just eating rice…but also the cultivation of it!

In some of these areas, it would be difficult to see the difference between some of the growing areas in the mountains of Haiti and Indonesia….beautiful all the same….for some strange reason the tree’s kept getting in the way, but if you look into the distance you can see the teared growing areas….I have some really amazing pictures of the rice paddies coming up in future posts.

Heading up into the mountains….other sites start to pop up.  Can you guess what these little small tree’s are?

They are small Mahogany Tree’s.  You can tell from the leaves.  This is a case where someone might want to have some regulation.  Because of no regulation, the larger Hardwood Mahogany tree’s…very valuable of course….have been stripped from the land and sold.  This process has had little to no asset or forestry management and in its remains is fairly barren land.  This has also led to some erosion which damages the local terrain.  Considering how important this area is to rice production, that is quite unfortunate.  Still beautiful all the same….

Moving on up the road, we come up on a beautiful sight nestled in the mountains….

This is Bendungan Wonorejo….it is a dam completed approximately 10 years ago.  Before the dam was built, there was regular flooding that negatively impacted the people of Tulungagung.  The damn was built by the Japanese as part of a reparations agreement for their inability to play well with others.  Those lessons we learn in kindergarten and the elementary school years are so important.

Says something…to be able to stop and see color. Reminds me of the beginning of the movie “the Color Purple”….yes, there is something wrong when we walk by colors such as this and yield no acknowledgement!  Colors…and the Sun Set….

Getting back to the abode….the kite flyers were back out…of course, trying to make my camera pick up bits of light in a pitch black night was challenge….however….I’m going for it! 🙂  Here are the kites by day….followed by the kites by night…hopefully, you get the picture…(not the best pics…I know….work with me 🙂

To see it with your own two eyes was amazing to me though…it was a wonderful fit and end to an extraordinary day.  But, that was just a prelude to the morning….

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