Historic Hindu Temple – Gunung Kawi

October 25, 2011

Learning about rice cultivation is practically tantamount to illustrating the characteristics of cultural depth.  and those cultures that have perfected rice cultivation also have roots that stem deep into ancient traditions.  Rice cultivation is one of the most intensive agricultural practices utilized across the globe….this is particularly the case in areas such as this.  Thus, it is fitting to find so many expertly crafted rice paddies existing symbiotically around and within a temple.  Both giving more abstract and practical meaning to the existence of the other.  Combining rice cultivation with deep religious/spiritual practice and you create an immensely deep living experience. Ironically, while visiting this area, I was finishing the book “Outliers” written by Malcolm Gladwell….he has a fairly large section on the practices of rice cultivation and what it implies about specific cultures.  Recommended reading if you want to get a deeper view of the following:

On this day, we visited the approximately 1,000 year old temple – Gunung Kawi.  This historic Hindu temple was built into the side of a mountain and is full of rice fields/paddies and fulfilled constantly by streams.  There are times when it is best to allow a moment to speak for itself; thus, I only comment briefly…please consider the following beauty and richness….

Respect the Tradition

This is what rice looks like while growing….

Fish swim in the same water that feeds the rice paddies….

After the fairly strenuous walk to get to the temple, I paused here by this stream….a stream, by which I am sure, that many have paused and reflected.  In Taking Ownership….I thought of those that have gone before us….parents, family, friends….the “Giants” in the land….not by color, race or gender…just those who have made a contribution to our living presence….tradition…where we now need to go…why we think the way we do…what information do we use to drive our thinking and make our decisions….this place has feeling….

Hot, humid, long steep walk…emotionally and spiritually replenishing….just what the dr. ordered…now for a nice fresh juicy young coconut… 🙂

They steer the naturally occurring streams in a manner that constantly replenishes the rice paddy fields….absolutely amazing to see…

Always a Chicken near-by….:)

What a day….this will take a bit to process…if you went through the pictures slowly and did a bit of reflecting, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean….

On up the mountain a bit further….

What a view….

over lunch…

with a mountain view and no wall or glass…nothing in between me and the mountain…the mountain is the place-mat…I guess reading all those books, delayed gratification and commitment do add up to something nice…friendships in all walks of life….today is a great day….

Grateful indeed….heading back to relax….

Just a few more rice paddy fields to close the day…

So much beauty, refinement, and perfection….tradition…history….contemporary marvels….much to say about nature…but also human nature…again….I will be pulling on these experiences for many years to come…

More later…


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