Scooters/Bikes of Tulungagung

October 22, 2011

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, many of the countries I visit are characterized by scooters/motor-bikes being the primary form of transportation.  This could be for personal transport, business, family…it’s the way that a large number of people get from here to there…

Just so you can get a feel of this dynamic, I’ve included a few pictures for you to absorb….

I’ve seen as many as a family of five balanced on a scooter…two adults and three babies…all with something in their hands….

Look at the baby…with the helmet, holding on…sometimes when they are younger than that…you can see them standing in front of the driver….going to the store, to school in the morning…the youngsters get around….considering the challenges of poverty in the states…makes you wonder what is it about these people that makes them overcome regardless to the more abject state…and sometimes in the states…for some, riding a bus is an obstacle…????  okay….

Now this is a frequent sight…many of the young women ride side saddle…especially the young Muslim girls…but you also see the older one’s riding side saddle also…most impressive…getting straight to the point…I would be skinned up…because I know for a fact, I would fall…and it wouldn’t be pretty….

Always interesting to visit societies where all the police officers are not carrying rifles and guns…hmm…very interesting….


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