Gbarnga Pics

August 14, 2009

Every person who has visited, worked in, or heard of Monrovia must appreciate this next picture…It is a sign that if you pay attention, you will see posted in many places throughout Liberia…hopefully, you can see it…but if not zoom in…It says…

Do Not Urinate Here...

Yes!  And, it is a sign that comes in many different forms…but, out of all the signs it is one that is certainly needed 🙂  ok… 🙂

As you know, I was at Cuttington University which is situated in Suakoko, Liberia…the next main town is Gbarnga.  I am just posting a few pictures so you can get a pictorial example…or a feel for the city.  This picture was taken from the administration building where some of the July 26th activities took place.   In the distance you see Gbarnga…


This is one of the main strips…the tall white building is the mosque…this is also the main commercial corridor…shops, business centers and such…

Gbarnga II

This is the bottom of the hill leading up to the commercial area…

Gbarnga III

The houses and shops are stack one right behind the other…so there typically is a lot more there than you may see from the street…

Gbarnga Rooftops

This is the view from the top of the hill…same commercial district…just another view…

Gbarnga Top of Hill

I finally had to break down and go to the store.  It is a Lebanese shop…the Lebanese are a major group in Liberia and they are highly involved in the local markets…many of the Lebanese have been here for generations…speak the Liberian tribal languages and live out in these areas…you will find a little bit of everything in this store…scotch isn’t my poison of choice…but, it worked out quite well 🙂  Nice folks!!!

Gbarnga Store

There is another group called the Wheel Barrow boys 🙂  obviously, so named because they peddle goods from a wheel barrow…another example of when people really need to make something happen…if you allow them opportunity…they will figure it out…he had a little bit of everything in the wheel barrow 🙂

Gbarnga Capitalism

This is a picture of the Mosque in Gbarnga…

Gbarnga Mosque

Ok…just wanted you to get a feel of the area…I am back stateside…after a really long trip back…flights delayed, held up in Ireland…missed and delayed flights in Newark…you get the picture 🙂

I’ve got at least one more post coming…where I’ll share some of my perspective on this trip…

2 Responses to “Gbarnga Pics”

  1. Michael Stevens said

    If you were so inclined, Wikipedia could really use your photos of Gbarnga. Assuming you took them, you could upload them under a free license.

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