Back in Monrovia

August 12, 2009

Well…this has been a most interesting trip!  It will take a while for it to all soak in…I have been in Monrovia a couple of days staying at Bob Johnson’s resort in Kendeja.  It has only been open since March of this year, but it was nice add on to the end of the trip.  As I mentioned earlier, we are in the middle of the rainy season, so it has rained fairly hard each day I have been here…no problem though…I love the rain 🙂


Because of the storms, visibility has been low…but, it is still the ocean…so what you see is quite wonderful!

Ocean View I

Found several good places to sit back and contemplate…meditate…consider the past month…and what the future holds…

Ocean View II

And in the midst of the pouring down rain…a work crew kept on going as if the rain didn’t matter…it is amazing the level of motivation achieved when there is a direct cause effect relationship between work and acquiring the basic necessities of life 🙂  Government programs beware 🙂

RLJ Workers

I’ll be leaving out this evening for a ridiculously long flight home…I’ll post a few more things over the next couple of days as different thoughts pop up…I’ll have to provide some sort of summary at least 🙂  In the mean time, I appreciate all the support…this has been my first attempt at running a Blog…Since I have been here, I received over 1,000 hits…and the supportive comments and well wishes made it great to have travel companions with me…

The Liberian people were great, and the folks at Cuttington University…most exceptional…in all honesty…after making some cultural adjustments and gotten used to them…it feels a little strange heading home…ok, more than a little!

We’ll See!  🙂

One Response to “Back in Monrovia”

  1. VMcD said

    Thank you for sharing! It has been wonderful seeing Liberia through your eyes. I’d love to hear more about how this “moves” you going forward. Safe travels home dear friend.

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