Just a Quick Evening Post

July 19, 2009

Ever been interested in hearing a Liberian Band that plays a full array of Elvis songs…how about Country Music…and you would of never thought that they could play “take me home”…”to a place”…”called”…”West Virginia”…do you think they know about WV… ok, you get the point…it was nice though 🙂  I would of liked to hear some Liberian music…

The Band

I always enjoy Elvis, but had to eventually head outside…and there I saw a friend I had previously made.  I remember him from last time…his name is ‘Bush Meat’ or ‘Sweat Meat’:

Small Meat

Or as some of the Liberians would say, “Good for Soup”  🙂  Yes, a little Palm Oil and some Rice…our little friend may have a destiny 🙂  I am surprised he has been around this long…well…bless him!

Tomorrow, I’ll be off to the Bush!



2 Responses to “Just a Quick Evening Post”

  1. Melinda said

    I am just going to pretend that is the exact same mini-deer that we saw last summer wandering outside the restaurant on the coast. Still alive and kickin’ and uneaten.

  2. Althea said

    OMG!!!! This is so cool! Your pictures and narrative are fantastic…I feel like I am right there with you!

    Many of the pictures you share remind me of several islands in the caribbean. Open markets on just about every street, everyone trying to sell thier goods, smiling faces, wonderful new foods and smells, etc.

    I have never seen rubber trees growing in nature, just the rubber plants they sell here. If you have an opportunity, post a few more so i can see them up close : 0 )

    LOLOL…an ice cold guiness…hmmmm…a real guiness at that…in the words of Blake “num num”!

    Good to hear from my friend…stay in touch and continue to enjoy!

    Peace Out : )

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